At TLA Neighbourhood Services, we value the feedback provided by both service users and employees. That is why your opinions are an important aspect of how we drive change for the better. We want to pro-actively involve you by listening and taking on board how you feel we provide our services and act on what you say.


Our staff are always appreciative in knowing that something they have done has had a positive impact, or helped improve services for our service users. That's why at TLA we are always keen to hear when our team has had a positive impact on you. Suggestions

Feedback / Suggestions

As service users and employees, you may have ideas or suggestions that could help improve the services that TLA provide. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve, please let us know so we can constantly evolve how we deliver our services.


No one likes complaints but if you are not happy with our service please do not hesitate to infom us at your earliest opportunity. Complaints can cover any issues concerning the services provided by TLA Neighbourhood Services.

We are required by regulation to monitor customer satisfaction of our complaints handling process. Once your complaint is resolved, we may ask you for your opinion about how we handled your complaint.

The Care Inspectorate regulates TLA Neighbourhood Services. If you so wish, you can submit your complaint directly to the Care Inspectorate. For further information, please see the Care Inspectorate website .

Get in touch

You can submit your feedback, provide testimonials, or file a complaint in person, by phone, in writing or by email.